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Welcome to my best stand mixer & hand mixer reviews site. Let me introduce myself; I am Sally and I’m the mother of 3 ever growing children, and an avid baker. People keep telling me I should write a blog about baking, but there are too many of those now, so instead I have written this blog about mixers.

There are quite a lot of good mixers in the market these days, in fact , too many! This blog should serve as an easy guide on how to pick the best stand mixer or best hand mixer for your baking endeavors. I expect you would want to read as many useful shopping tips as you could before chucking in the cash for getting a stand mixer or hand mixer.

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How to Choose the Best Mixer?

Basically mixers are just a handy substitute for beating and mixing stuff by hand. Anyway, I assume you do want to buy a new mixer rather then using your own hand or wooden spoon to do the mixing, so it is best that you decide in the beginning whether you want to get a stand mixer or hand mixer.

Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer?

So, to save all that precious time for the next TV show, skip this part if you already know what type of mixer you plan to get. If not, read on. As you know, there are two types of kitchen mixers to choose from – the hand mixer and the stand mixer.

  • Stand mixer – If you’re baking a lot in terms of amount and batches, it’s wise to choose the stand mixer. The stand mixer can be left to work on its own (no hands!) and has more functions with many accessories and attachments available, though for sure you pay about ten times the price of a handheld model. But for a stand mixer, you’ll have to consider storage space, and whether you need to move it around (some quality stand mixers can be heavy!). This is also the best mixer for bread recipes, or any recipe with dough, because dough is heavy and will require high power to mix.
  • Hand mixer – The advantage of a hand mixer is that you can stash it easily in the kitchen drawer without taking up much space, and it’s pretty easy to bring around the kitchen to mix up the stuff. They are also very affordable, but definitely not powerful enough to do heavy mixing, and it’s also not practical to be holding the mixer all day long when you can free up your hands for other jobs. I suggest that you buy a hand mixer if you only do the occasional light mixing.

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Best Mixer – My Top Picks

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Thanks for reading my food mixer reviews! Hope you find your best mixer soon.